Client has been in business for 7 yrs.


Artist and other customers has been place on the Top 30s & 40s for pop, hip hop/R&B charts. Website Designer, custom printing for CDs and Album Covers, Mix/Master songs at High Quality, convert .WAV to .mp3 and much more………

Company Policy

Clients need to be 18 to 36 men/women. Anyone under the age of 18 will have to go through a series of exams to determine if they are suitable to maintain a music career. Their parents will need to sign documentation saying they understand company rules and regulations. Not only that all my customers and artists have to understand that this is a business.  


Also clients will be able learn how to build their brand or name as an artist. Artist will learn how to use social media to network their music to different parts of the world. Help artist gain radio airplay and get paid by performance agency such as ASCAP, BMI, and SEACE. 

Warning***** All radio airplay campaigns and social media promotions expenses are left up to the artist. The only obligation the company has to offer is to help artist record songs and master/mix their songs to be radio ready.